The GSM-200 is an integrated quad-band GSM events transmitter with voice, SMS and data (GPRS) support.
Supporting full-data reporting using standard (e.g., ContactID, Scantronics, etc.) and proprietary protocols, the GSM-200 is used for TCP/IP communication with PIMA’s secured AoIP (Alarm over IP) protocol and use of the PIMAGuard decoder at the CMS.

Key features
• Panel integrated GSM module (in the same metal case as the control panel)
• Easy installation (Plug-N-Play)
• Fully programmable via the panel keypad and remotely via telephone or TCP/IP network (GPRS)
• Main, parallelor backup transmitter for CMS and private user
• Supervised full-data reporting to CMS with support of: 4X2 Pulse & DTMF, ContactID, PAF, NPAF, Scantronics
• Continuous connection via GPRS (TCP/IP)
• Private dialer (alarm by tone) and SMS transmitter
• GSM/GPRS/SMS status and fails reported via alternative communication channels
• Alarm notification to smartphones via SMS
• Quad-Band engine

Technical Specifications

• Operating systems: Quad-Band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
• Output power: 850/900MHz – 2Watt max; 1800/1900MHz – 1Watt max
• Available antenna:GSM quad band
• Current use: 380mA max; 30mA idle
• Humidity: 75% (non-condensing)
• Operational temperature.: -30°C to +60°C
• Storage temperature.: -40°C to +85°C